The Game Plan

The Dream Team:

As I said earlier, I plan to evolve my Pokemon to their next stage in their evolutions before challenging Roark of Oregurgh City Gym. The three Pokemon that I have: Blitz the Chimchar, Skyla the Starly, and Sippa the Shinx all have three evolution forms. Not all Pokemon have three forms, some only have two or none at all, and some have more, and some have really complicated evolutions. For instance, some will only evolve under certain circumstances like times of day, friendship, what items their holding… And some have many different kinds of evolution. For example, the Eevee, arguably my favorite Pokemon, has not one, not two, but 7 different Pokemon it could evolve into. Eevee only has two evolution stages, but the second stage could be anyone one of 7 different Pokemon! Depending on what the trainer does, the Eevee can become any of the following:

Most Pokemon evoltuions are not so complicated, for the most part, most Pokemon have three evolved forms. It’s usually very simple, once a Pokemon reaches a certain level, it will turn into a more powerful form of itself. The trainer can seize the Pokemon’s evolution if they want to. It’s usually done to have it learn certain moves sooner (I don’t usually stop it from evolving). Here’s a picture of my three’s evolved forms:

Both Blitz and Skyla will evolve into Monferno and Staravia once they reach lv 14, Sippa will evolve into a Luxio at lv 15. They won’t evolve into an Infernape, Luxray, or Staraptor, there last and most powerful forms, until they reach levels 36, 30, and 34 respective.

While you can catch most of these Pokemon in their second stages of evolution, it’s better to start with them lower leveled because they get stronger and you can control which moves they learn and their stats (to an extent). (most Pokemon can be caught at other stages of evolution).

My game plan involves catching and training another 3-4 Pokemon (the most you can hold in your party is 6, so at one point I’ll have to decide which one to keep). I plan to catch a Roselia and train it to the point where it’ll be powerful enough to become a Roserade (Roelia actually has 3 evolved forms: first a Budew, then it becomes a Roselia once it has a high friendship level, then won’t evolve into a Roserade unless you give it a Shiny Stone) I plan to catch it as a Roselia instead of leveling it up into a Roselia with a Budew is because Budews are extremely weak and don’t learn many moves, like the Magikarp, it will remain useless until it’s friendship level is high with me and it evolves, this is hard to do with a weak Pokemon. Especially since Roselia learns useful moves as a low level.

The next Pokemon on my “Diamond Dream Team” list is to catch a Feebas and level it up to become a Milotic. Feebas is one of the weakest Pokemon, but if you take the time to level up it’s beauty, it will evolve into the powerful Milotic. Next is to find a Murkrow and get it strong enough to become a Honchkrow. Like the Roserade, Murkrow won’t evolve into a Honchkrow unless you give it a Dusk Stone. Last is a Riolu, with enough care and patience, it will evolve into a strongĀ  Lucario on a high friendship level. Unlike the Budew, Riolu isn’t very weak so uping it’s friendship through battle will be easier.

The issue with Riolu, is that neither it nor a Lucario can be found in the wild like all the other Pokemon. In the game, much further on, once the trainer gets to a place called Iron Island, a man will give you a Pokemon egg which will later hatch into a Riolu. Since that’s so far down the road, Riolu will be the last Pokemon to joint the dream team.

The Pokemon Diamond Dream Team: (Click picture for better resolution)

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